Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Windsor

Carpet cleaning in Windsor is a specialized treatment learned from professional practice. And we have staff competent enough to clean your carpets and rugs, reassuring zero damage to the fabric.

Our carpet cleaning contains the following steps:

Our team will take the carpet out in the open and spray it with the disinfecting liquid. It will kill dust mite, viruses, and bacteria present in it. These solutions comply with European standards and safe to use domestically. The chemicals even eliminate urine, food, smoke, and animal smell.
We brush manually and use a carpet shaker machine, covering every angle in squares. It assures deep reach into the fibers. By the time we cover the last patch, the chemicals cure, killing all the bacteria and softening accumulated dust.
A steamer integrated with a vacuum is used for it. It sprays steam into the fabric and pulls out detergent residue. The process is very satisfying.

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